Here we go!

I’ve been contemplating writing a blog for a long time, I guess today is the day I start eek!

My name is Natasha and i’m currently studying for my Masters Degree in Heritage and Interpretation. Before I did this I somehow managed to get a 1st class Honours in History Heritage and Archaeology! I have loved history for as long as I remember and i’ve always known that this was the path intended for me, although it has most certainly not been an easy one.

The idea behind my blog was to write ‘reviews‘ on heritage sites i’ve recently visited. As someone who wants to make a career out of all things heritage learning the scope of these reviews will be how accessible, enjoyable and educational these places are. I’ve often found that a visit to a historic site could be straight forward for me or a ‘normal‘ person, but anyone who has a difficulty or even a lack of interest may need the history to be displayed in a more quirky way and why isn’t it?! This is our history, our heritage and everyone should be able to access it.

I’m going to aim to post a new review once a month – but be aware I start my Dissertation in a couple of weeks!! If you have any feedback I would really appreciate it, I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

Natasha x

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